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Learn about the importance of sharing meals as a family. This page outlines the developmental benefits that children gain through family meals.


The importance of nutrition is outlined, as well as the advantages that family meals have of preventing obesity, and what to do with picky eaters!

Cooking Tips

Learn what children gain from experiences in the kitchen. Tips for busy parents, and information about kitchen preparation for more stress-free cooking!


Kid-friendly recipes for you to try with your family! Visit the "Resources" page for links to more recipes and meal ideas.

Life is busy, but it should not get in the way of creating and enjoying home-cooked meals with your children. Quality time together is imperative for healthy child development, and with childhood obesity on the rise, healthy eating is important. Cooking with the whole family is all about the value of family, the importance of nutrition and the life-long lessons and developmental benefits that come with cooking and eating together as a family.


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